Sunday, June 07, 2009

Deployment After Deployment...

Boy, I have been a traveling fool. For the past two months I have been away from home. In March I found out they needed a hard charging 2nd class for PTP training at Marine Corps Base Camp Fuji, so I immediately put my name in the hat. To my surprise I was picked to go.

I left for Camp Fuji on the 6th of April. Man was it a long day. We were told to muster at 0630 on the parade field at Camp Foster. When I got there at around 0620, there were only 7 personnel including me standing and waiting. 0630 came around and no one else showed up, so we all decided to wait, thinking maybe the muster time was at 0730. 0730 rolled around and no sign of anyone else besides the 7 of us. Come to find out we were given bad gouge. We had to pick up our packs and walk about 500 meters up a hill to the enlisted barracks where everyone was waiting. To make a long story short, we did not leave until later that evening to Camp Fuji. We got to Camp Fuji real late, like 0100 the next morning.

I was mostly on the ranges helping out with crew served weapon systems. These weapons included the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, M240B, and M2 .50 cal. The mornings were rough. We had to be on the range every morning by 0630-0700 for set-up and placement of key personnel. I also helped out with the aggressor part of the training. Being the aggressor was quite fun. I had a chance to shot the 249 that was loaded with blanks. I shot it at a standing from the hip.

Besides the training, the view of Mount Fuji was quite breath taking. The mountain still had snow on it and I saw three sides of the mountain. Pictures will tell you more of my exciting trip to Camp Fuji.

As soon as I got from Camp Fuji, I had a week before I was on my way to Cambodia for a Medical Civil Affairs Program (MEDCAP). It was part of CIP-09 (Cambodia Interoperability Program). This would be the third year for CIP. Each year, different aspects would change or get added. This year the budget was increased to purchase more medical supplies, a public affairs officer was added, and combat camera was added.

I was part of an advance party that got to leave for Cambodia two days before the main body would arrive. As a Preventive Medicine Tech, it was my job to scout out the area and produce a list of approved food establishment for the Marine and Sailors on this deployment. I had a blast driving around and site seeing and seeing all the Cambodian restaurants.

It was time that we got down to busy after the initial liberty in Phnom Penh. For ten days straight, starting at 0730 and ending at 1630, we provided medical and dental services to the people of Pursat province. There were times that we get not finish till 1830. We saw a wide range of people; from infant to the elderly. My time spent at the MEDCAP site was priceless. I spent most of the time supervising and singing to the workers and the people waiting to get seen.

Well here are some pictures from my trip to Cambodia.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Final Class

To all,

I've been meaning to BLOG for sometime, and my cousin has been curious about my scores for quite some time.

Well I finished my last college course and completed my associates degree for Physical Therapist Assistant; I'm so stoked. I successfully completed the course with an 87.39% average, which is roughly a B average...

I have completed all course work required for my degree. However, I still have to sit for boards to become nationally certified. I am one step closer.

Thank you to all who had faith in me even when I didn't.

Love you all,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Asian Babies

I hope that no one is offended by the title, but I figured how appropriate considering the pictures.

We decided since we're in Okinawa to do some of their traditions. This one in particular is a celebration of life & so we had Zoey honored w/a 100 day old photo session. Of course I didn't want to leave little man out, so I also decided to get their pictures taken together. As you can see in the photos it was an amazing time. They were dressed in traditional Okinawan attire. Just bare in mind that not both kids will act good at the same time, at least not ours until we were nearing the end of the shoot.

Please enjoy. All our love...The Duong's

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Since Christmas and Linh & Jan's visit. Not much else has happened. We've been keeping busy w/work and school, but mostly enjoying the little ones. Here is a sneak peak of them in their moments.

My how time fly's. They are growing right before our eyes and we just want to take every moment one step at a time.

Currently: Zoey is 4 months & 3 weeks old (13lbs & 9ozs), has her bottom two front teeth & is drooling like crazy. She wants to hang out w/the grown ups if you will; doesn't like to lay down much. She does roll over in both directions and can sit supported. Loves to try and scoot while on her tummy time mat...Dominic is 3 years old. Loves going to school, where he has many friends. Has learned numbers in English and Japanese. Loves to trace numbers and letters; can write 1-10 w/out tracing. This just in, he can spell is name, although he's recognized it for some time. He spells his name D-O-M-I-C (so he leaves out the N and the other I, it's his way of spelling his name); he can even write is name w/out tracing. Oh, my they are growing so fast.

Well for now enjoy these photos...

Nago Cherry Blossom Festival 2009

This year, like last year past, we went to the Nago Cherry Blossom festival. What we've learned from this trip is not to go the first day. #1: Not all the blossom's have bloomed & #2: It was rather crowded. However, a good time was had by all.

Please enjoy; some are breath taking...

Christmas 2008

With all the pomp and circumstance of Linh & Jan's visit, you must have thought we'd forget to take pictures of our island Christmas. Not in this house hold. We have the camera and the video camera going. We had a house full for the festivities too.

I guess it makes the holiday's that much more memorable/enjoyable especially being far away from home. This year, we can at least say California came for Christmas...Enjoy the pictures of the festivities.

Linh & Jan meet Okinawa (Part 2)

Part two of our photos w/Linh & Jan on island. Do enjoy....Sorry for two posts, just didn't want to take up that much space w/that many photos.

Linh & Jan meet Okinawa (Part 1)

Not to long after our family photo shoot, Linh & Jan arrive for the Christmas/New Year holiday. Needless to say we spent most of our time eating out at our favorite local restaurants, as well as taking in the many attractions that Okinawa has to offer. Literally from the time there plane landed we were off; first up Okuma.

Along the way to Okuma, Linh & Jan experienced the art of glass blowing. Then off to Okuma; where we stopped at a local roadside restaurant for food. We hung out at Okuma & drove up towards Hedo Point (the farthest northern point on the island). We also wanted to go to the falls that was up there, but it was closed. We tried some local scenery instead. On our way back, on Christmas Eve, we stopped at the Pineapple Factory. So much fun.

The rest of their time here, we hit museums, more restaurants, outlet malls (or what we thought were the malls), temples & much more. This post & the next are of the many pictures we took during their visit.

Enjoy the "tour."

Duong Family Photo Shoot '08

Well it has been a while since our last post, so let's catch up. We kicked off December with a fabulous photo shoot w/Pamela. Our friend introduced us to her & after 2 attempts to shoot our pictures we finally had success. This post is of our photo shoot with Pamela.

The shoot was at home & Sunabe beach (both at the park & on the beach). She really captured our family moments. After the shoot we had a hard decision to make. Out of 56 proofs, here's what we choose.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Zoey Update

To all who's been asking, & that way I can tell all at one time. Baby girl Zoey is growing like a weed... At her 2 week check up she weight 10 pounds. She is now at the end stages of baby acne & cradle cap & is now starting to look more like our beautiful princess. Thanks mom for the tip on baby oil/lotion!!!

Her big brother likes to hold her a lot & be next to her every time we put her down.

Oh, we just got her boppy Tuesday & it's all pink. After cleaning it, we put her in it (& of course she was in pink) it just swallowed her up. (Pictures to follow in a later post).

She loves being held all the time, which we're trying to break her of that habit. However, it's a hard task. Who wouldn't want to hold our precious.

She loves sleeping in the hammock, especially w/mommy & daddy. One night mommy, big brother & baby girl were in it together.

Miss Zoey loves to coo and smile at the drop of a dime, okay so mainly when she wants to, but it's to darn cute. The best is when she grins real big and all you see are her toothless gums, makes your heart melt.

For now I'll leave you w/these breath taking photos. Enjoy...

Love Always,
The 4 of Us....

Happy 3rd Birthday Conductor Dominic

Well as most of you are already aware, our little man turned 3 on November 3rd. His birthday fell on election day this year, as will ever 4 years, and was also on a Tuesday. So we celebrated it the Sunday before (01 November).

We thought long and hard about how to celebrate as it would be tough to beat last years competition (just refer to past blogs); we even asked Dominic what he wanted to do. Finally we came up w/bowling, so we had a bowling party. We had taken him bowling before his birthday & he seemed to like it so we thought it was a cool idea.

The kids (about 10 children - varying in age) dinned on cheese & pepperoni pizza, fruit punch & root beer. We got to bowl, but keeping their attention on the game was hard, so we only got to bowl a half a game. There was a two hour limit, so by the time we finished pizza, bowling & cake it was time to go. We opened gifts at home, which stunk, because little man couldn't enjoy them w/his friends.

This years theme revolved around Thomas the Tank Engine. Dominic's really into Thomas at the moment. His presents even revolved around trains; one was even a train set to go around the Christmas tree. I can't wait to put it up.

Well hope you enjoy the pictures from the birthday bash festivities.....oh, please don't think baby girl was neglected. She actually was sleeping through most of the party.

Love to all,
The Duong's

Halloween 2008

The day before Dominic's big hair cut, was Halloween. We had asked him in the weeks leading up to Halloween, what he wanted to be. So of course we fulfilled that wish & made him Spider Man. He wore the mask & gloves too, to our surprise.

That day his class had a trick-or-treat event in the local community, so mommy, daddy & Zoey got to tag a long. We took pictures & did video. That night we went to base to do some trick-or-treating. Please forgive us, but left the camera in the car. Tam & I had met up to take him trick-or-treating as Tam had to work a little later.

The children from school made their own trick-or-treat totes out of capri juice boxes (they were bats). They get to do some pretty cool crafts.

All in all the day's trick-or-treat events were great. We really enjoyed the excitement on his face when saying trick-or-treat, but had to remind him to say Thank you. The only thing we could've done w/out was people saying how cute Spider Girl is; thus leading to the hair cut & to our dismay no one has called him girl since.

Sorry for the short supply of pictures, but we do hope you enjoy the pictures from the day trip though.

Love to all,
Nyoka, Tam, Dominic & Zoey

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New Age, New Hair...

Well the Terrible 3 age is here and it does not seem to be that bad. Dominic has always been a character and a little hyper active. That was such an understatement. The day that he took his first step, he has not stopped walking. Again, such an understatement…the kid is a runner. One day he is going to make us proud and be a world champion marathon runner or something.

Anyways, this is an update on his hair. Nyoka and I have been talking about cutting his hair for awhile. It always ends up with me saying, “We are not cutting his hair. I am not ready to cut his hair yet.” As I look back at the many people that would mistake him for a girl, I finally came to my senses and agreed to give the poor boy a haircut. The only stipulation to the haircut is that he must have a tail. He had his appointment for that haircut on the 2nd of November. I did not want to be there when he was getting it cut. It would have been too hard for me and if I were there, I would have probably stopped it. From what Nyoka was saying, he enjoyed his haircut and he would not sit still.

Without further ado, here is the new Dominic…

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Edition to the Family...

It has finally happen. Family and Friends can stop wondering if Nyoka had the baby. A wonderful baby girl was born into this world on the 16th of October, 2008 at 1024. This date and time of birth is according to Okinawa time and not state side time. For those out there who is wondering, the time is expressed in military time. Anyway, her name is Zoey Nhung Linae. She weighed in at 9 lbs 2.5 oz and measured at 21 1/2 inches long.

Dominic took to his baby girl real well. He even wanted to hold her, so we let him. he sat down next to mom and and held his sister. It was a magical and Kodak moment. He even gave her a kiss on the forehead. Dominic was very gentle with Zoey. I can see him being very protective of Zoey as they grow up together.